04 April 2014

15 year old shirt.

A couple of months after I met Jonathan, I began working at an outdoors shop where we sold the Patagoina line. The few items I purchased while working there I still own. Mountain Hardware and Patagonia absolutely hold up to the quality they claim. 

100% organic cotton, worn around the edges, faded, with unintentional thumb holes, this shirt is the last item to be packed in my bag this morning. 

Much like my marriage, it is a testimony of claimed quality, thoughtful design and care.

Today I will set off on an adventure of a lifetime with the most quality human I know. He's my partner and lover, the one who brings be back when my head is in the clouds and watches with a smile while I soar. He's my friend and my pal and daddy to my children. He's my consistant and my steady. The quiet to my loud and the introvert to my extrovert. Jonathan is my balance.

Our marriage is organic, fertilized by grace and love and smiles and dancing. Doses of rolled eyes and belly laughs, held hands and firm words grow us. Circumstances; they stretch us and have nearly broken us. With great care and a redesign, we grew this marriage. Bound by the One who loves greater than us, this marriage moves ahead.

It is a marriage for which I have faught.
It is a marriage I have at times neglected and taken for granted.
It is a marriage where I have felt loved and cherished, honored and equal.
This marriage is nothing like I expected and mostly everything I have dreamed.
It is a marriage where I have felt beautiful and ugly.
In this marriage my weakness has grown to courage and my lack of confidence, birthed intentional strong steps.
This marriage, it is right. It is good. It is whole.

Patagonia, you are a natural choice for a celebration of the best decision I've ever made. Here's to another day of choosing Jonathan and having him choose me. 


Travis Williams said...

Congratulations on your fifteen years! Enjoy your trip.

Paula Parker said...

OH how I love this!! Love you all so much! And as you say to me, and I love it - "traveling mercies" I know you all will touch many and be touched by many on this adventure!