13 February 2014

hearts & my first born

He has a special friend. We went shopping, he pulled out his "bill folder" and paid. Only it wasn't his bill folder, it was his billfold. He called it that when he was three. I tried not to cry. An honor for him to ask me to take him shopping and even more for him to ask me to help. With a little guidance, he found the perfect gift. 

In the picture above he was searching for the perfect words. She certainly is a lucky young lady. He thought, scratched out, rewrote for nearly an hour. Then he shared it with me. Again, an honor. Again, I tried not to cry. 

This year I'm not his Valentine. I'm trying to be ok with it. I'm not sure I'm ready, even if he is. 

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Bodee said...

Oh Sweet Elliott - I don't know if Bodee can handle not being your valentine... No, I'm ready but only because you have such a God-touched heart and spirit. I love your kindness, your gentle ways, your smile, and your heart; I love YOU!