12 November 2013

a year of dinners

I am an extrovert.
Jonathan is an introvert.
I wear my hair in braids and recently had my 1 year anniversary with Brian, my friend & hair guy.
Jonathan cuts his hair weekly.
I prefer clothes from Athleta or TJ Maxx.
Jonathan prefers the cut of a custom shirt & suit.
I eat more than I should.
Jonathan stops when he is full or even before.
I read my Bible on a random schedule and pray on and off all day.
Jonathan reads from the Scriptures each morning and prays for our family before any of us are awake.
I loose my cool.
Jonathan is steady.
I am his Dharma and he is my Gregg. 
I am the exclamation point to his period way of living. 
It works.

In our home we have a party thrower and an invitation receiver. It is the truth the most recent party we had, Jonathan received a Google calendar invitation via email while he was on a business trip in San Antonio. I know he smiled or maybe rolled his eyes. Actually, I'm sure he did neither of those things. In his steady, period way of living, he replied, yes to his extroverted exclamation point. Remember, it works.

Last Saturday we hosted a Thankful Party. It was fantastic; numbers exchanged and laughter (my friend, Wendi has the best laugh), food and friendship, a home being used for its *intended purpose. After the party was finished and dishes had been washed, I looked at Jonathan and shared that we need more of this. We need more gatherings where people feel free to share their faith story and lean about others. We need more opportunities for our boys to build a campfire and spend the evening hanging out with their friends. We need more.

I wasn't sure what more looked like, but I just know we need more.I have prayed that our home would be a safe and open place. It is not large. It is not fancy. It is cozy and welcoming and a place where you are greeted with a hug and kiss upon entry. It is a place I have claimed to be sacred, as God has answered my prayers.

I'd throw a celebration of some sort each week and Jonathan would throw one a decade. A semi-planned out Year of  Dinners is where we have landed. We are not sure what it will look like and if the guest list will be the same each month or changing. The more I read, the more I live, the more time I share with others in the kitchen and around the table, I am convinced that the last meal Jesus had with his friends is the way he intended us, all of us, to live.

So 2014, I think you are the year of dinners. What do you think?

*My friend's husband, Shane, has shared with me how exciting it is to watch his dog, Sue hunt. She is a huntin' dog. When she is playing with the kids she is a fun pet and when running with Brandie, she's fast, but when she is doing what she was bred and trained to do, she is he happiest dog ever. Our home on Saturday, was like SueSue on the trail of a bird, happiest ever.

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Bodee said...

I SO love and admire you ear 'Becca! You too LongJon!