21 September 2014

16 September 2014

NYC High 5

My sweet friend, Anna, sent this to me knowing I'd love it. She knows me well. Most certainly, I do. I hope you enjoy it too. It is worth a minute and a half of your day, I promise.

14 September 2014

television and chocolate

When I asked my boys what they wanted from a trip I took to NYC Elliott said, Momma, I want you to make a sign and go to the Today Show. Not really my idea of a gift, nor something I was planning while in town. Maybe run past, pause and continue on with my run. Not stop, make a sign and hang out trying to move to the front of the crowd.

Kids, they make you do the darndest things! Their pressing us out of our comfort zone as a person is a good thing, certainly. Weekly, daily sometimes, pressed into unfamiliar, uncomfortable spaces and leave it to my sweet E, to challenge me while I am away. With no intention of being on the show, I went for a run and met up with a classmate from IIN. I asked her if she knew where the studio was because I needed to make my way there the following day. She did, so we made a little detour on our way to Central Park for a walk.

We walked past and the plaza had very few people in the crowd. Yup, it was time. We cleared through security and the "Make a Sign" slots were empty and the markers put away. I asked if I could grab a paper and a marker from the cart which was clearly pushed aside for the day. Before I got an answer, I'd pulled out a paper and was into the marker bin. The security guard smiled at my friend and said something like...Well, she sure knew how to get what she wanted.

Yes sir. I do.

Sign made now, off to find a spot in front of the camera.

"Hello, Kenny. (giant smile) How's your morning going?"

Glance from Kenny the camera man.

Bigger smile -- Largest dimple I could make. Quick call to Jonathan to hit turn on the TV and hit record on the DVR.

"You got me. What's your sign say?"

"The only thing my son wanted from NYC was for me to be on the Today Show."

He walked over, zoomed in and out a few times and then said 1 minute...30 seconds...10...3...it was on and my heart sang. Only for a second, but that's all I needed.

This little adventure was nothing I'd ever do on my own, but absolutely something I'd do for my boys. We stayed to watch a cooking segment. Lester Holt, well he's a cute in person as on TV, but his voice better. As we walked away, I received a text from a friend at home, I just saw you on TV, but that record button...was hit a little too late and Elliott, well I hope he saw it in his dreams. He woke to a text with the picture below and called to say he missed it, then he changed his request to chocolate.

27 August 2014

Fitting it in

We are still here and each of us are well. Living a wild balance of life and play, soccer and school, work and dates and laughter and time around the table and rest. This morning is an example of how we are making it happen and most days doing it well.

After the amazing summer we had I will admit, I miss my boys...a little. Soccer started, then school and Jonathan's travel picked up. In one town last weekend for a tournament and another state all-together the next. I'll head to TX while Jonathan drives to see Ayanna. My work is picking up and I'm discovering more and more, this is what I am called to do. Being a wife and mom will always top the list, but before I can do that well, I must take care of myself. Finding time to meet my own needs can be a challenge. Anyone else experience this? How are you making time for yourself or are you?

The picture above is from this morning. I dropped Chas at school, then Elliott and I headed to the square for nearly an hour. I love the break between drop off and pick up most days. It allows 5 hours of one on one time with both of my boys every week. In the morning with Elliott and the afternoon with Chas. Although, I may need to build in a budget for coffee and hot cocoa and crepes.

While we waited for the coffee shop to open, so Elliott could get hot cocoa, he read The Outsiders and I studied for an exam I have this week at IIN. We did our school work together. We visited and shared. It was quiet, only the sound of the fountain and a few passing cars. When the open sign started glowing, he walked for his treat and I watched. He's becoming a young man, more independent each day. I dropped him at school and as he closed the door I heard, "I love you momma, have a good day." I love you too Elliott Jon, boy do I love you. And today I miss you.

Many times I have shared I know this one thing for sure -- God it Faithful. He is faithful to answer the prayers I have for my children --born to me and given through marriage and sweet Moses too. It is with this knowledge I am able to move forward with confidence. Trusting these crazy days we are living, somedays with I Love You's said after the door is closed and the car in drive and others snuggled all on one bed eating popcorn and watching a movie are the best of days. The very best of days.

23 June 2014

my kind of math


*Perfect would have been with everyone there to celebrate. Missed Jonathan, Ayanna, Bodee, Pops and Roo

21 June 2014


#NimrodSummer2014 officially began in true Nimrod fashion - ROAD TRIP! We were invited to visit friends in Oklahoma City, relaxing poolside at their new home. Because Jonathan used most of his vacation on our journey in April, he wasn't able to go with us.
The boys swam well past sunset, toasted marshmallows while the adults visited and commented over and over how grateful we were to love the life we live. There was no shortage of gratitude and joy. 
OKC, who knew, you had a lighthouse and a beautiful lake, with otters on the shore and sailboats zigzagging from shore to shore?
Our first morning we, adults and boys, ran together. We paused under the lighthouse, boys throwing rocks and parents talking about the challenges of rearing children in a digital age. Again taking note of the moments we were living. Again grateful.
I woke early on Friday and ran to the lighthouse alone.When I arrived I paused and prayed. I talked to God about lack of understanding, misunderstanding and resentment. I shared with him I felt alone, then I was reminded I am not. God affirmed in me, his presence. He reminded me that he was my strength, but only if I allowed.  Then this little otter popped his head through the rocks and started chattering while his pal swam below. Thanks, God.
I arrived to a still quiet home. A perfect time to cool off in the pool. I floated this flower in the water and swam.
I prepared for #NimrodSummer2014 with intention. By stepping in that direction the very first days felt like I was honoring myself, my purpose and my family. I'd stepped away from places and people I loved, making decisions which were difficult, but right. I stepped into the space where I knew I was to step: my home, my family and into me. As the water surrounded me, I felt supported and free. That heavy I'd felt as I prayed under the lighthouse a few miles back, it had disappeared. I felt light.

The boys woke, the pool was splashy and then it was time to head home. We left OKC at the very last minute so I'd make it home for a date with Jonathan at 6. {Squeezing all we can out of these days.} I took a wrong turn in Tulsa, ran out of toll change and at a toll booth got out of my car and walked back 5 cars to ask if people had extra they were willing to share. Strangers shared, Chas and Elliott slouched down below the windows and I won't receive a ticket in the mail. 

Making Memories with my boys is at the top of my #NimrodSummer2014 list. I am quite sure they will never forget their mom walking car to car. We have laughed about it several times already. 
Due to my scenic route around Tulsa, we arrived home late.  I had 45 minutes to unpack, shower, fix dinner, start a load of laundry and get out the door for an evening with friends supporting a great cause. We spent an evening of dinner and dancing with friends at the Cancer Challenge Gala. I consider it an honor to be part of such a giving community. 
We made it home a little after midnight, crashed and woke up early to pack and head out for Road Trip #2. Each summer I try to make time for our boys to spend with my parents. Most summers these days, we call Camp BodeePops, fall school has been dismissed for weeks  and I'm out of entertainment ideas. This year due to camps and our longest Road Trip at the end of July, Camp BodeePops helps kick off the summer. 
We made it out the door this morning before 8 with a pit stop at the Farmer's Market on the square of my hometown. 

I am so fortunate to have a sister and brother whom I love like crazy. And I like them too. Their spouses have given me another brother and sister. They are fun and generous, great story tellers and life live-ers. They love my kids big and many days I wish there were not so many miles between the doors of our homes. 

Tonight we will gather lakeside to celebrate the youngest Creed Cousin. On this longest day of the year last year, Bea Birdie joined the family and tonight we get to celebrate her life! 
But first, since we have extra sunlight today, a little jump time and one last car selfie ~ me and my sister. We totally didn't plan the stripes and today Elliott said, "Gosh, you two loo alike." She's cute, I'll take that as a compliment, E, Thanks.

09 June 2014

Spring to Summer!

Do you head to the Farmer's Market on the weekend with a list? A recipe? Desire, but unsure what to buy and fix? With only a few more days of spring remaining and summer taking over, here is a link to 18 new recipes to try. You are sure to impress others at the next picnic or backyard gathering. Click on the picture below and IIN will send them your way. ENJOY! 

01 June 2014

frazzled to grin

I have a new respect for the team managers for my boys' soccer teams. This is a picture of me trying to register 5 boys for a 3v3 tournament. How in the world could it have so many clicks and passwords and questions and do people really cheat on birth dates, so they must require proof of the child's' date of birth? Apparently.  

For the summer I am the coach (kinda) for Elliott's 33 team. The parents have been highly encouraged to coach form the sidelines, as I'm not sure what I am doing. I am however going to make sure the players receive equal playing time and snacks. I think I'll bring the snacks. 
Just after registering the team, I spent some time studying for my first exam at IIN. I'd taken the quizzes and listened to the lectures, but I was so nervous to take the exam. I lit a couple of candles and grabbed my lavender filled heart. Your surroundings during a study session count. (Like health snacks after a well played soccer game.)
Because IIN is online, I have new modules open each week and our exams are open for 2 weeks. I'd been granted access to my test last Monday. After studying, I though I'd give it a try. I jumped in with both procrastinating feet and gave it a shot. 
YAY! I passed.
and my frazzled trying to register a team face turned to a grin. 

26 May 2014

WIN x 4

Elliott's team has had some challenging weekends in the past, but their perseverance paid off and their hard work this year landed them a spot in the Championship game in the AR State Tournament last weekend.  I have a very tender spot for these boys, as I had the honor of working with them this fall when I was a trainer at GPP. Three times each week, I'd burpee and squat, sit up, push up and run alongside them. I heard them grumble and watched them high 5 when they reached their goals. It was awesome to watch how each of them improved in speed, strength and endurance. 

I had them each set individual goals and then goals as a team. One goal they set at the beginning of the year was to win state. If you checked out their record, you may have doubted, but I knew they'd make it and THEY DID! Not only did they land a spot in the championship game they won all 4 games last weekend -- the final game awarded them their division state title. 

WAY TO GO BOYS, especially number 9! I am so proud of each of you! 

Bringing it down the left side of the field, above and throw in below.


 The other team...

Lucky rainbow...

 After receiving their medals and trophy.

Thank you Coach G and Coach Clayton. We are grateful for the 3 years Elliott has had with you all and will miss you as he moves forward under the instruction of a new coach. But what a way to end his time with you. 

Our State Champion Keeper

Last weekend was the Arkansas State Soccer tournament. Here are a few shots of our 

WE love our coaches -- Coach Wagner and Coach Pettigrew above, Coach TD below. Grateful for their leadership and guidance. It's been a fantastic year and we are excited to have the again next year.

Sporting his championship medal. Super proud of you this year Chas. Congratulation on making the Strikers Black team again next year.

One proud daddy and excited son, taken by a melting heart soccer momma.

14 May 2014

GPP, the after.

The best part of GPP -- the after workout conversations & box talks. A few of my favorites...
Some of our 9am ladies.  (Thanks Patty for the picture.)
Love this sweet family of kids. And of course, love those dread head boys! 

11 May 2014

Mother's Day Every

Every year since I was given this gift I share it again. And every year it is more special and more dear to this boymom heart. Again, thanks to the LCC kids who made it and gave it to us. We continue to love you.

Happy Mother's Day to the village of momma's who have helped and continue to help rear my boys, but the happiest of day's to my momma.

I love you more than ever. Grateful for the foundation you laid for me. You made sure it was solid, but padded, so I'd be OK when I fell, only to get back up again and try harder. You guided me and encouraged me and played with me and made sure life was rich and fun and safe. Thank you. 

30 April 2014

29 April 2014

Anthropocene -- Age of Man (A school project for Elliott)

Age of man is amazing. We have dug things from the ground link dinosaur bones. The people who do that and study the layers are called Stratigraphers. Their job is to put together history from the earth's rock, which is millions of layers. 

I have taken ten pictures to show what Stratigraphers could dig up in the future. 
 Pool Selfie
Excavate the pool.
 Sideways the Trampoline
Someday they might be able to dig up the trampoline. I wonder if they'd jump?
 In the classroom
I wonder what they'd find in the lunchroom?
 Hotel Elevator made of Glass
I wonder if they'd find the building?

Chair Selfie
Will they find the green chairs in the future?
Fossilize or decompose?
 In the Gym
Will the weights survive?
Can they still use this in the future?
 In the Car
Will they still travel by car?
Will they still use them?

Future Geologists will find we traveled using mostly ground transportation. We had lots of squares (iPhones). They will also find out some of us were very active, enjoying sports and the outdoors. Another thing they might learn is we depended on electricity for many of our tools.

23 April 2014

22 April 2014

double digits.

Yesterday he turned 10.
I had no words for it then, just as I have no real words for it today.

Moses, you will forever remain part of our family. Your brothers, Elliott and Chas, pray for you every night and love you. I do too. May you continue to grow in goodness and grace, may your mind be filled with knowledge of the world's wonders created for you to enjoy by our God. May your heart be full and rich and overflowing with the love of Christ.
We miss you.
We love you.
We pray for you.
Happy Birthday.

15 April 2014

mindful moments

As we continue our celebration of fifteen years of marriage,we are  reflecting on the past and talking of the future. A common theme is the present. How will we move through the day with purpose & intention & love? 

In the years together, we recognize our best days are the days lived mindfully in the moment, recognizing the Spirits presence. When we live the days in this way, our rewards are far beyond our own thoughts or expectations, as they are not our own, but belong to God. 

Rainbow at Glacier Moreno, El Calafate, Argentina 

08 April 2014

end of the world

Dreams really do come true when asked for with prayer, offered by an open heart. Both, Jonathan and I, have dreams to see the world. Today we are another step closer. Unbelievably grateful. 
glacier sunrise 
Ushuaia, Argentina